QualTrain Paediatric First Aid Course

QualTrain Paediatric First Aid Course

Last weekend I attended a paediatric first aid course through QualTrain which is a local business run by a lovely Mummy called Sarah, who also runs Little Pickle Baby Massage & Yoga!

Sarah invited me along to the session to learn some life-saving first aid skills in a relaxed class it is ideal for expectant parents, carers and grandparents! It was a small intimate group which consisted of just that, a real mixture; expectant parents, 1st-time parents with a newborn & couple-month-old baby, 2nd-time parents (like myself) with toddlers and grandparents. There was hot drinks & biscuits provided whilst we all settled, waited for everyone to arrive & chatted amongst ourselves before the session began.

Sarah is a fantastic knowledgable, bubbly lady who instantly draws you in. She introduced herself & briefed us about what the session would be covering: ❤ Recovery Position. Choking recognition and procedure. Unresponsive Baby/Child. CPR, including the use of an AED. Burns. Bleeds & Poisons.

We then introduced ourselves to the others in the group stating our names, why we were there & what we hoped to achieve from the session. Obviously I was there to re-cap the basics (as I did a one day course a few years ago) refreshing my knowledge, learning about first aid not just for babies but also my toddler son! That’s the great thing about the session, we were all there with different aged range children who were obviously at different levels in development yet every single one of us came away feeling confident that if anything should happen not only to our own children but anyone else we would feel confident in the knowledge of knowing what to do & what not to do in certain situations! I think it is generally a Mothers instinct to want to cradle & cuddle our babies should god forbid anything to happen to them but in certain scenarios say a fit, touching them would do more harm than good!

It was definitely eye-opening, a fantastic child-free couple of hours (even though Sarah does have a cosy little play area set up if you have to take them) and such an informative session! If you haven’t or even if you have already done a first aid class I highly recommend attending a session even just to re-cap like I did because you think you remember things if a situation was to occur (like needing to do the recovery position but that may not be correct as there is actually a specific position for a baby & a different position for a toddler/junior). You are also given a handy little guide book as a souvenir, to take home ‘practise’ & keep in case you should ever need to use it!

Sarah can be contacted via www.facebook.com/qualtrainbaby or the website www.qualtrain.co.uk

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 5 star, highly recommended.


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